Thursday, March 20, 2008

Troubleshooting with Windows Vista Problems

Vista promises to have great troubleshooting features built in to aid users in quickly diagnosing computer issues. For instance, Windows Vista diagnostics can automatically detect and diagnose failing hard disks, faulty memory, degraded performance, loss of a network connection, and problems shutting down. Having the ability to detect a failing Hard Disk before any loss of data occurs, makes this an extremely valuable feature! But, nothing takes the place of good backup practices.

The Windows XP Remote Assistance feature is a huge time saver for all support centers. Vista promises to enhance this feature and make it better by having the ability to remotely connect faster and use less bandwidth. It will even have the ability to function through Network Address Translation (NAT) firewalls. Remote assistance will incorporate its own built-in diagnostic tools available with a single click. You will also be able to reconnect to a Remote Assistance session automatically after restarting your computer. One last enhancement worth a mention is that two administrators will now be able to connect at one time. This will be valuable on those hard to troubleshoot problems that could use a second set of eyes.

Just get along with the link to troubleshoot on your account of problem and computer support tips

Add the "Run" command back to the Start menu
Make users to login with a user name and password
Change Your Folder Options
Change your Product Key
Using Sleep and Hibernate Modes
Change Vista Security Center Alerts
Remove Favorites Pane in Windows Explorer
TweakVI for Windows Vista
Restoring personal files using the Windows.old file

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